David Williams


To make great software that people really like using, and in the process to build a great company that people like working for.


Experienced leader, engineer and innovator who has played a key role in the development of dozens of successful products used by 100s of millions of users.

Leader of engineering teams (development, QA, release, PM) from 3 to 50 strong.

Technical lead or principle developer on a wide gamut of products from development tools, system software, virtual machines and web browsers to creative tools, entertainment and education applications.

Holder of a dozen US Patents in mobile, content delivery and development technology.


I have worked in many areas: mobile, IoT, web technology; virtual machine, computer language, and programming platforms; UI, multi-media, mapping and location based systems. A few keywords:

Work experience

Descript, Inc. San Francisco, CA September 2017 - Present.
Senior Engineer

Detour San Francisco, CA 2015 - 2017.
Senior Engineer

Sopwith Software. San Francisco, CA 2013 - Present.

NOOK Media, LLC (a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble) Palo Alto, CA, 2011 - 2013.
Director of Software

Moteiv / Sentilla Corporation. Redwood City, CA, September 2007 - May 2010.
Head of Engineering, July 2008 - May 2010.

Senior Engineer, September 2007 - July 2008.

Danger, Inc. Palo Alto, CA, September 2002 - September 2007.
Director, Browser Engineering.

AvantGo, Inc. San Mateo, CA, May 1998 - September 2002.
Chief Engineer, July 2002 - September 2002.

Manager, Browser Engineering, July 2001 - June 2002.
Manager, Web Technology Team, July 2000 - June 2001.

Architect, Handheld Web Products, May 1999 - June 2000.

Senior Engineer, May 1998 - April 1999.

Netscape Communications Corporation. Mountain View, CA, Jan 1996 - April 1998.
Senior Engineer.

Kaleida Labs, Inc. Mountain View, CA, July 1994 - Dec 1995.
Staff Engineer.

Lucid Inc. Menlo Park, CA, May 1991 - June 1994.
Senior Scientist.

Hewlett Packard. February 1985 - May 1991.
Senior Software Engineer, Scientific Instrument Division,Palo Alto,CA, July 89 - May 91.

Senior Technical Support Engineer, Australian Software Organisation, Mar 88 - June 89.

Technical Support Specialist, Computer System Division, Cupertino, CA, June 87 - Feb 88.

Software Development Engineer, Australian Software Organisation, Feb 85 - June 87.

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Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering.

Activities and interests

My spare time is a mix of technology, arts and the outdoors. I enjoy listening to and playing music, hacking software and electronics, flying, motor racing, running, hiking and skiing.

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